-the best kiss you ever had

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30 March
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- Yeah, these are mostly my photos.
If you're here to critisize, then step off.
No one's forcing you to look at them.
Got it? Good.
- also, I might post pictures of you on here. deal with it. it's a photo journal for tupac's sake.

Something That Scares You:
losing someone I love
Something You Like:
the little things
Something You Hate:
lack of sincerity
Something In Your Room:
a piano
Something Facts About You:
i like to dance on my bed in my underwear
Something You Plan To Do Before You Die:
get into better physical shape
Something You Can Do:
the splitz
Something You Can't Do:
make up my mind
Something That Attract You To The Opposite Sex:
the way they make me feel
Something Movies:
sorry guys, way too many!

:: a little about myself ::
- I'm 15. sophomore.
- I make fun of myself. Life's better when you can laugh at yourself.
- I take my school work seriously. you can suck it if you have a problem with that.
- I'll talk to pretty much anybody.
- I talk to people all over the country. that is, after 9pm and before 7am ;)